In August 2005, The Pittsburgh Basketball Club secured the rights to the Ozanam Basketball League. The Ozanam League was the high school home to such Western PA NBA legends such as Maurice Lucas, Norm Van Lier, George Karl, Sam Clancy, Billy Knight and a whole host of other players who brought Pittsburgh and Western PA to the forefront of the college basketball world.

In my many travels in the basketball world, the most frequent question I am asked by former players and coaches from the area is “what happened to the old Ozanam League?”

In August 2005, the Pittsburgh Basketball Club decided it was time to revive this great tradition. Though the Old Hill District facility will have no role in this revival, this summer league steeped in so much tradition and the foundation for so much of Western PA’s Basketball folklore will return in for a new generation of Western PA stars to create there own chapter of tradition.

More information coming soon