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Hall of Fame Eligibility



The following divisions are formed for consideration into the Hall of Fame. All Coaches and players from 1994 to the present (since the inception of the Pittsburgh Basketball Club) will be separated from the Legends divisions, which will be considered an era prior to the formation of the Pittsburgh Basketball Club in 1994.


  • Coaches- Individuals who have shown sustained leadership both on and off the floor leading there respective teams to excellence while building community pride and tradition for future generations to reach. Coaches will be inducted annually with no more than 4 coaches per induction class.
  • Players- Players from 1994 to the present are inducted into the Pittsburgh Basketball Club Hall of Fame every 5 years when the Pittsburgh Basketball Club announces its Anniversary teams. This honor is based on the individuals High School playing career. We have named Anniversary teams in 2004 and 2009. The 20-year anniversary team will be named in 2014. Select players will also transition to our Legends division after 2015.
  • Lifetime Achievement- A lifetime achievement award is presented to a Western PA native who has as a career achievement, made significant contributions to the game nationally while maintaining his roots to Western PA and the Western PA basketball community. No more than 2 inductees per year.
  • Contributors- The contributors division of the Pittsburgh Basketball Club Hall of Fame is reserved for those who have assisted in making the game of basketball better in Western Pennsylvania, via the following methods:
  1. Media coverage through print, TV and electronic media, As a certified game official, As a contributor via the individual’s role as an athletic director or administrator to various other processes of the game of High School basketball in Western PA.
  2. A supporter of our basketball community that have proven to be invaluable in there support of the game and who’s efforts off the floor have proven vital to the continued growth of basketball in Western PA.  A maximum of 4 inductees per year in this division.
  • Community Partner of Distinction - This division is designed to honor an entity or individual that has partnered with the Pittsburgh Basketball Club in the administration, organization, and professional development of programming for Western Pennsylvania for basketball enthusiasts of all ages. The winner of this award has enhanced both the quantity and the quality of program offerings of the Pittsburgh Basketball Club through out the region.

  • Legends-The legends division is to enshrine and honor the illustrious past of Western PA basketball. This will be considered players and coaches prior to 1993. Criteria to be inducted into the legends division of the Pittsburgh Basketball Club Hall of Fame include:

Western PA natives who were MVP’s of the Pennsylvania team in the Dapper Dan Roundball Classic.

  • Western PA natives named High School All Americans via Parade, McDonalds, and Gatorade all-star process.
  • Western PA natives who went on to All America status at the collegiate level.
  • Western PA natives who continued there careers in college who utilized a college education earned while playing basketball to make significant contributions and impact to there communities, either in Western PA or where they resided after there playing careers.
  • Western PA natives who were named 1st team All Conference at the Division I level
  • Western PA natives who went on to professional basketball as either a player, coach or both.
  • Western PA natives who played High School basketball in Western PA that went on to coach college basketball at the Division I level
  • Non Western PA natives who chose to continue there athletic career in the city of Pittsburgh at our 3 division I schools who have made a significant contribution to not only the game of basketball on the court, but great contributions off the floor as well