Coming SPRING 2007-
Pittsburgh Basketball Club
Hall of Fame

After many years of debate, the Pittsburgh Basketball Club has finally reached that point where the many outstanding players, coaches and administrators are acknowledged for there hard work and dedication in growing the Pittsburgh Basketball Club to what it is today.

In this area, we will begin to acknowledge the great players that have defined the Pittsburgh Basketball Club, past and present. We will have both a legends division as well as a regular Hall of Fame

In our Legends division we will honor the great players and legends of Pittsburgh past. Players and Coaches who though they did not play in the actual Basketball Club programs, represented Pittsburgh with greatness leading to the concept that we know today as the Pittsburgh Basketball Club.

Our regular Hall of Fame will honor players and coaches from 1994-present who made a profound impact on the Pittsburgh Basketball Club. We are in the process of forming a committee of coaches and sportswriters to form the criteria for this honor of distinction that will lead to an annual induction to our Hall of Fame so their contributions and greatness may be remembered for future generations to come.